Co-creative workshops


JIXSO leads groups and individuals towards a goal, using live facilitation, drawing and writing on a large paper or wall. We break up the group in smaller teams if necessary, hand out templates and stimulate co-creation. The result emerges on the wall. It creates a collective image of the group’s thought process.

We’ve run workshops with clients all over the world. The output is usually clear focus and consensus on the way forward. We’ve worked with diverse groups, often with stakeholders from different companies in the room. The visual method drives co-creation and results in better plans that all participants buy into.

I don’t think we would have gotten so far without the visual facilitator. The unconventional approach - first time I participated in a visually facilitated workshop - created an atmosphere in which people could share ideas and opinions in an open and mutually understood way. The visual facilitation kept the focus, allowed us to explain and understand things in a more efficient manner. I recommend this to anyone who needs results quickly and efficiently.
— Maarten De Cuypere, Agfa, Purchasing Manager